Opting for Lulu Memento Yearbook offers unparalleled advantages for your yearbook or memory book project, justifying the slight price difference with direct Lulu printing. Our software is tailor-made for your requirements, with advanced design tools, collaborative features, and exclusive templates that simplify the creation process.

Unlike direct Lulu printing, where you’re tasked with creating and uploading your own PDF—often without suitable software—Lulu Memento ensures a seamless experience from start to finish. Our solution includes:

  • Multi-user Editing
  • Community Photo Gathering, Simplified
  • Effortless Portraits with PSPA Support
  • Advanced Section-Based Book Management
  • Seamless Sales & Distribution
  • Custom-Designed Layouts for Your World
  • Committed to Teen Safety

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Understandably, choosing Memento Yearbook for printing your memory book involves a slight price premium. However, it’s important to remember that once your yearbook is complete, it will be automatically printed by Lulu, ensuring the superior quality you’ve come to expect.