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Frequently asked questions

What type of computer or devices can I use to make my book?2024-03-11T20:40:56+00:00

Our online yearbook software is designed to be highly accessible and versatile. You can create your yearbook using any device with a standard web browser, including Windows, Mac, Chromebook, or Linux operating systems. Our platform ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience across these devices, allowing you to focus on bringing your creative vision to life without worrying about compatibility issues.

For the best experience, we recommend using the latest version of Chrome.

What is your privacy policy?2020-02-25T20:29:36+00:00

Click here to access the terms of use and privacy info.
For information on Children’s Online Privacy Protection (COPPA), Click here.

Where do I get my people portraits for the yearbook?2024-03-11T20:55:41+00:00

Gathering portraits for your yearbook is straightforward, whether you have professional shots or not. If you’ve hired a professional photography studio or photographer, request a PSPA-format package from them. This package includes high-quality portraits and essential information about each individual. You can easily import this package into our software app using the Portrait Manager feature, streamlining and organizing your yearbook’s portrait pages.

Don’t worry if you still need to arrange for professional portraits. Our software allows you to manually upload any photos of your people. You can then add their names and relevant information to create personalized portrait pages. This flexibility ensures that everyone can be included in your yearbook, regardless of how their photos were obtained.

Is the software suitable for teenagers and younger kids?2024-03-11T21:03:29+00:00

Absolutely! Our user-friendly and intuitive photobook app is perfect for yearbook designers of all ages, including teenagers and younger kids starting in middle school. We’ve built our software with ease of use in mind, ensuring that everyone can engage in the creative process and have fun making their yearbook pages come to life.

We are committed to the safety and privacy of all our users, especially children. We respect the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and fully comply with its requirements. This commitment ensures that our services are safe and secure for users of all ages, providing peace of mind for parents, educators, and organization leaders.

Why choose Lulu Memento Yearbook Over Direct Lulu Printing?2024-03-15T15:56:45+00:00

Opting for Lulu Memento Yearbook offers unparalleled advantages for your yearbook or memory book project, justifying the slight price difference with direct Lulu printing. Our software is tailor-made for your requirements, with advanced design tools, collaborative features, and exclusive templates that simplify the creation process.

Unlike direct Lulu printing, where you’re tasked with creating and uploading your own PDF—often without suitable software—Lulu Memento ensures a seamless experience from start to finish. Our solution includes:

  • Multi-user Editing
  • Community Photo Gathering, Simplified
  • Effortless Portraits with PSPA Support
  • Advanced Section-Based Book Management
  • Seamless Sales & Distribution
  • Custom-Designed Layouts for Your World
  • Committed to Teen Safety

Head to our feature page to learn why we are the premier choice.

Understandably, choosing Memento Yearbook for printing your memory book involves a slight price premium. However, it’s important to remember that once your yearbook is complete, it will be automatically printed by Lulu, ensuring the superior quality you’ve come to expect.

What kind of Yearbooks and Memory Books can I create?2024-03-11T20:48:44+00:00

With Memento Yearbook, your creativity knows no bounds! Our app is equipped with powerful features to help you craft traditional school yearbooks and a diverse array of memory books to capture every special moment. Whether you’re looking to create a keepsake for preschool memories, compile the adventures of summer camp, celebrate achievements in band or dance, honor military service, or even organize corporate or church directories, our platform has you covered.

Are there any costs other than paying for my printed books?2020-03-03T05:13:38+00:00

There are no surprise fees when you sign up to make a yearbook. Any add-on services and fees are solely at your discretion, such as fundraising surcharges, ad sales, and digital downloads of your yearbook.

Can I place a bulk order for yearbooks to be delivered to my organization?2024-03-11T20:59:53+00:00

Absolutely! Our service is designed to cater to the needs of various groups, including schools, military units, summer camps, sports teams, and more. We offer flexible ordering options to suit your specific requirements. You can order bulk for all yearbooks to be delivered directly to your organization. This is an ideal solution for managing distribution and potentially saving on costs.

Additionally, we provide the option for individuals to order their yearbooks online, with the option of having them shipped directly to your organization or their personal address. This à la carte ordering option is perfect for allowing parents, members, or participants to purchase their copies at their convenience while benefiting from a group order’s convenience.


We are incredibly grateful for Memento yearbooks’ exceptional support in rectifying an issue on our end. Their team was extremely helpful and understanding throughout the process, providing timely and valuable assistance that ensured the problem was resolved immediately. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable, and we couldn’t be happier with the level of service they provided. Thank you for going above and beyond to make our yearbook experience seamless and memorable!
Jeannine Fung, Tzu Chi Elementary School

I had a great experience using Memento for my child’s elementary school yearbook! I’m not a graphic designer, so I appreciated the easy-to-use layout tools, especially for placing and sizing photos. The portrait tools are great too – they’re very efficient. And there are tons of options for page backgrounds and themes. Being able to have others access and edit the pages through their own logins was a big plus for me and my fellow volunteers. And I really appreciate the Memento support staff – they’re very professional and quick to respond to any questions. They can help with any layout issues when needed.

Our yearbook looks great. Thank you so much!

Erica, parent volunteer

I had used your software when I was working at a Montessori school and brought the idea with me when I transitioned to another school 3 years ago. Now, instead of just one yearbook, this school is creating 4 or 5 with your software. I wanted you to know that this was due to your company’s COPPA compliance, ease of use, and your responsiveness to our queries and problems.

Sue Glassford, Bergamo Montessori School